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Jiwa Steel

(Copy) Fishy Slick on standard silver backing

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The title Suggest a smooth, streamlined well organised School of fish. 😎

We have mixed mullet,  Kahawai, and sprinkled a few baitfish in this school. 
Gone with lots of length on this piece. 
All include paua shell eyes. 
Heat treated to produce the colouring, ground for texture & depth. 
With the mullet we have flipped up the grinding disc and laid details Vertically along the body. Works great mixed with our more Traditional grinding detail. Lacquer has been applied on fish and backing for extra durability, shine & depth. 
The larger fish measure   220mm  With the smallest 150mm

The different sized fish mix well together and full up the look of this school. Great for any large areas, long narrow spots and has the ability to accommodate any larger predators in and around this school. 

All pieces are very unique being all hand crafted no two schools are ever the same ……… . Easy to install with a stainless chain on the back, also makes it easy to change the angle/direction of the school once mounted on your wall.

Dimensions are L-2100mm W-500 D-120mm 

Can be made with different colours or fish type.